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Who is a suited to?

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There are no restrictions on who can get a, but it's an ideal online identity for a wide variety of applications:

  • New businesses
    Businesses coming online that want to buy a descriptive domain.

  • Corporate entities
    Protection of their digital brands.

  • Online businesses
    Obtaining rare keywords in their domain.

  • Small-business owners
    Businesses that didn't get the chance to buy domains containing their surnames.

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    Your company has a second chance to buy a good .com domain name for your business.

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    The cost of the domain will never goes up. If the price goes down you will renew it with the lower cost.

Purchasing a domain name can give your business an edge with branding, web-optimization and trademark. is a private domain registry, offering alternate specialized domains for those who couldn't find the .com domain that they wanted.

A domain is a great way to create an online identity for your business that is easy to remember, and that still has a .COM domain ending.

There are very few restrictions or rules when registering a domain. They can be used by anyone as either a web address or an email address. domains are reachable by 100% of the Internet from the day you register them and set them up.